Athlete Profile: Brendan Green


Brendan is beginning his seventh year of racing with Canada’s senior team. Brendan began cross-country skiing at the age of three and immediately fell in love with Nordic sports. After steadily improving during his first six years of cross-country skiing, and influenced by a strong family commitment to the Nordic sports, Brendan decided to try his hand at biathlon. Under the direction of coach Pat Bobinski, he started competing at the territorial level, and his success soon led him to national and international competitions. Brendan is now a nine-time Canadian medalist as well as a bronze medalist in the relay at the 2007 World Junior Championships and a silver medalist in the relay at the 2005 World Junior and Youth Championships. In 2005, he was the recipient of the Biathlon Canada Myriam Bédard Award. Brendan wishes to build on qualifying to compete in the relay at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games develop in hopes of achieving his future dreams in the sport of biathlon.

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