Athlete Profile: Chris Robanske

For Chris Robanske it all started with an unforgettable birthday gift. When he was only 9 he loved skateboarding so his parents decided to give him snowboard lessons as a gift. From his instructor point of view, he was one of those natural born rider who should join a development program. After growing out as a polyvalent athlete, trying out every discipline, he decided at 15 to settled on snowboard cross. He chose SBX because it involved all aspects of snowboarding, the speed of racing as well as the big jumps.

Chris has been a workhorse, spending countless hours in the gym after having two seasons cut short due to a compression fracture of the spine (2011) and a broken ankle (2012). The 2013 season was Robanske’s come back year, highlighted by a pair of World Cup podiums including his first World Cup victory. He finished the season ranked sixth in the World Cup SBX standings.

Robanske is an avid fan of the outdoors and participates in activities such as surfing, mountain biking, rock climbing, skateboarding, hiking, camping and in the last few years he got into fly-fishing. Robanske is also affiliated with Motionball, a non-profit that builds awareness and raises funds for the Special Olympics Canada Foundation.

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