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Snowsportscanada.ca recently sat down with Matt Fisher, Director of Long Term Athlete Development and Strength & Conditioning Specialist at Level 10 fitness, to get an inside look at what recreational skiers and snowboarders can do to prepare for next snow season.

1. Get An Assessment

A full assessment with a physiotherapist, athletic therapist  or strength and conditioning coach is of the utmost importance for off season preparation, even if you don’t feel like you have an injury.  Often times an athletic therapist or physiotherapist can pick up anatomical imbalances or biomechanical issues that might not affect you in the present, but may creep up on you in the future.  Addressing these issues when you have time during the off season will save you a lot of frustration and missed days during the ski season.  Be aware though, not all trainers and strength coaches are created equal, so do your homework on who you are going to see for an assessment.

2. Work On Flexibility and Mobility 

Most of us are already too tight or stiff from our everyday lives due to sitting too much at the office, driving all day or slouching over for computer work . It is important to strengthen the body in a proper, full range of motion on a regular basis in order to ensure that you maintain your flexibility and prepare your body for the awkward motions that may arise during skiing. Ensuring that you do proper stretching and foam rolling will keep you limber and has the ability to prevent you from stiffening up even more once you start a strength training program.

3. Try Something Completely Different

While surfing in the sunshine is a lot different than skiing in a blizzard, try participating in activities that are completely different than your snow sport of choice. For example, feel free to indulge in recreational sports such as soccer, softball, or hiking,  so that your body gets a rest and your mind avoids the monotony of the same old movement patterns year round.

4. Improve Neck Strength

While there isn’t a lot of available research to support this, one of the greatest risks in snow sports are head injuries and concussions. Strengthening the neck and surrounding muscle tissues can minimize the potential damage from a traumatic head or neck injury.  While we’d like to avoid all injuries, head injuries are one’s to be taken most seriously and have the greatest long term implications. The best bet beyond wearing a proper sized helmet that fits well is to strengthen the neck.

5. Strengthen Your Glutes

The gluteals are a group of three muscles which make up the buttocks: the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. Although glute strengthening is important for all athletes, the role that the glutes play (particularly the gluteus medius) in knee health is extremely important for snow sport athletes, as the knee is a joint that withstands a lot of tension throughout a day on the slopes. Most individuals have a weak gluteal group due to basic daily movement patterns. Strengthening the gluteal muscle group not only improves performance for skiers and snowboarders, but also ensures proper alignment of the hip, knee and ankle, therefore minimizing the risk of ACL, PCL, and MCL injuries during the season.

About Matt Fisher: Currently, Matt is the lead Strength and Conditioning coach for the Canadian National Slopestyle Team and works individually with several other national snow sport athletes, including Ski Cross athlete Dave Duncan and Half Pipe Skier Matt Margetts. Matt has had the opportunity to work with thousands of athletes over his 12 year career from the grassroots up to international and professional, including 9 Olympic teams and 3 Paralympic teams.

Snow Sports Canada Picture Perfect for iON America

Action Camera Company Set to Own The Snow as it Enters Canadian Market

Snow Sports Canada announced today that it has signed a groundbreaking partnership agreement with iON America, a world-leading Point of View (POV) camera company, about to enter the Canadian marketplace. iON America is well established in the American snow market, having just been the Official Camera Sponsor of the Dew Tour in Breckenridge and signing on a number of high profile snow athletes as part of Team iON. As the official camera of Snow Sports Canada, iON cameras will be used for video capture, enhanced real-time review and performance feedback by technical staff and coaches involved in Canada’s premier winter sports organizations.

“We are very excited to announce iON America as the first corporate partner for Snow Sports Canada,” says Steven Hills, Executive Director, Canada Snowboard. “The support of the corporate community is key to success for Canada’s athletes, and this multi-year commitment from iON will help drive financial stability for the seven National Sports Organizations that form Snow Sports Canada. This comes at a particularly exciting time as we are only a few days away from the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, where our athletes are poised to own the snow.”

iON athletes Nick Goepper and James WoodsSnow Sports Canada is a unique and innovative partnership of seven of Canada’s premier winter sport organizations that have joined forces to support the overall development of winter sport in Canada. As a new marketing effort, Alpine Canada, the Canadian Freestyle Ski Association, Canada Snowboard, Cross Country Canada, Biathlon Canada, Ski Jumping Canada and Nordic Combined Canada have pulled together to leverage their assets to offer a more cohesive option to Corporate Canada and international brands.

iON athletes Nick Goepper and James Woods“Coming into the Canadian marketplace with this multifaceted partnership with Snow Sports Canada is the ideal situation for iON Canada,” says Giovanni Tomaselli, Founder and CEO, iON America. “Leveraging seven of Canada’s snow sport organizations while introducing our product into the market is incredible. We know that Canada is the land of snow, and we can’t think of a better way to reach winter sport enthusiasts who want to capture and immediately share their snow experiences.”

“iON is all about innovation and a desire to differentiate themselves, so breaking new ground in Canada with this partnership is a perfect match,” says Bill Cooper, Chief Operating Partner, TwentyTen Group, the Agency of Record for Snow Sports Canada. “The potential for engagement with consumers through Snow Sports Canada is extraordinary and iON is the first to harness this opportunity. We welcome their vision to dive into blue water and we look forward to nurturing a positive return on investment for both iON and the seven sports.

“The sponsorship industry is changing rapidly. It is no longer sufficient to approach corporate partnerships without strategy, integrated activation and a powerful story-building platform by which to create a meaningful connection with consumers. iON America is set to harness an incredible opportunity with Snow Sports Canada, and the timing couldn’t be better with their athletes taking centre stage in Sochi in a matter of days.”

About iON America

iON America pioneered the concept of Shoot/Share™ Wi-Fi connectivity in point-of-view (POV) cameras with its aerodynamic and fully-waterproof Air Pro, Speed Pro, Adventure and The Game lines. Designed for pros and amateurs alike, iON cameras make it easy to capture and share high-definition video and still images, with Wi-Fi connectivity and free cloud storage. iON America’s experienced team has been involved in the design, development and manufacturing of digital imaging products worldwide for over 20 years. For more information, visit www.ioncamera.com and its social sites:





Snow Sports Canada is a partnership of seven of Canada’s premier winter sport organizations that have joined forces to support the overall development of winter sport in our country. Representing over 93,000 registered members and 5.4 million recreational participants, Snow Sports Canada seeks to leverage the combined experience and expertise of their coaches, trainers, athletes and support staff to deliver high performance content to recreational snow sport participants in Canada.

Our mission is to ensure the safe participation in, and growth of, winter sport in Canada by providing access to the expertise of our national teams and to support the development of winter sport through the acquisition of corporate partners. For more information, visit snowsportscanada.ca.