10 Reasons to Love Spring Skiing

10 Reason To....Skiing Picture

Goggle Tans

The easiest way to spot an avid spring skier or snowboarder is from the deep goggle tan. With the sun beating down all day, your goggles are always squarely positioned on your face to protect you from the sun’s rays. The spring skiing goggle tan is unavoidable, and returning  home with a goggle tan should be regarded as the mark of a successful ski trip!

Warm Weather

There’s nothing worse than stepping outside for a morning on the mountain, the bitter cold hitting you so hard you bury your face in the neck of your jacket. You are left counting down the runs until that first hot chocolate break, not enjoying the ride. On the flip side, spring skiing means heading up the mountain with a nice warm breeze, bright blue sky, and the sun shining. Hello spring!

Puddle Jump

Any snow sports resort that likes to have fun will host a puddle jump. It’s simple – bring in a tarp, dig a hole near the bottom of a run, and fill it with water! After that, take turns hiking the hill, skiing down, and skipping across the slushy pond (usually in a variety of costumes and retro ski suits). Just make sure to get enough speed to get across, or you’ll quickly end up waist deep in water!


Being outdoors is always better than being indoors. You know it, I know it, and the whole snow sports community knows it. With the arrival of spring, gone are the days of cramming into a busy bar or restaurant to begin your après after a day on the mountain. With the warmer weather and sunny days, you can move your après outside to the patio – right where you belong.

Outdoor Lunches

On the topic of patios, there’s nothing better than a lunch outside. Whether it’s a picnic, a home-made sandwich stuffed into a pocket, or take out from the lodge, there’s just something about taking a midday lunch break on the mountain that’ll put a smile on your face!

Layer Down

It’s a morning ritual – throw on the base layers, mittens, toque, sweater, socks, more socks, jacket, snow pants, and anything else you can possibly find before heading outside. Well no more! With the spring season comes snow pants with the vents open, thin neon jackets and – if you can believe it – only one pair of socks!

Longer Days

Longer days means more sunshine, and more time to spend on the mountain. Need I say more?

The Party Chair

Gone are the days of burrowing your face into your jacket, balling your fingers up inside your gloves, and asking yourself why your toe warmers aren’t doing anything. Now that spring is here, chair rides are another time to socialize on the mountain, discuss après plans, appreciate the scenery, and enjoy the ride to the top!

Shorter Lift Lines

After the March Break is over for schools, the mountain will start to be less and less busy – which means shorter lift lines. And what do shorter lift lines mean? Well, more runs of course! With less time standing around at the bottom waiting to load the chair or gondola, you’ll be getting much more bang for your buck when purchasing those lift tickets. Which leads into the next reason…

Cheap Tickets

Cheap lift tickets! With prices drastically lower than during the busy season of January and February, spring is the best time to score inexpensive lift tickets. With all the money you save on lift tickets, you can now spend an extra day on the mountain, and turn that weekend trip into a long weekend.