Athlete Profile: Dominique Maltais

Dominique Maltais grew up in the Charlevoix region in Quebec and made her debut on the slopes at age five. Seven years later she decided to try snowboard and it wasn’t a hit for her. In fact, she told her self she would never ride a snowboard again but after thinking about it, she gave the sport an other chance. When she decided to start competing, she set her mind on snowboard cross. The challenge was there for her. Back then, she had no experience in alpine snowboarding and had nowhere to train near where she was living.

When Dominique wants something she devotes all of her energy to achieving that goal. For Sochi 2014, that goal is gold. Despite her incredible past results, Maltais endured disappointment at the last Olympic winter games where she crashed hard during training and ended up not advancing to the elimination heats.  She then decided to take four months away from snowboard to explore other interests such as kite surfing and cycling. This time off paid off and she returned with personalized training to improve her starts, quickness and technique. The three seasons following Vancouver 2010 shows it. With Maltais’s Four-Time Snowboard Cross Crystal Globe Wins (2005-06, 2010-11, 2011-12, 2012-13 Overall World Cup Champion) and 2012 Winter X Games Aspen Gold, she should have no problem achieving her goal. Dominique, as well as her friend and teammate Maëlle Ricker, will be one to watch during the Sochi 2014 Snowboard Cross event.

Before dedicating her self full time to snowboard, Maltais was working as a firefighter and she plans to return after her long and successful career as an athlete. During the summer, she enjoys dirt biking and playing piano or saxophone. She always carries with her, when she is travelling, a piece of motorcycle and a photo belonging to a friend who died in an accident.

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