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Nordic Combined is an Olympic event that is comprised of the sports of Ski Jumping and Cross Country skiing. Athletes first compete in a ski jump where they collect points that determine the start order in a pursuit style cross country race. The athlete with the highest number of points in the jump starts the cross country race first. Other athletes are seeded according to points behind the leader. The winner of the event, is the winner of the cross country race.

There are many exciting moments in the event. Ski Jumping is thrilling as athletes fly through the air traveling 90 to 120 meters in distance. It takes huge amounts of courage to commit oneself to launching off a jump at 60 km per hour. The jump demands precise timing, finely tuned body awareness and intricate control of muscles. Cross country skiing requires strength, endurance and strategy to do well. This makes for a very exciting pursuit cross country race where the lead changes frequently and the outcome is not predictable.

Athletes in Nordic Combined have unique training challenges; Is it better to focus on jumping and earn the head start in the cross country race? How does one train so that body mass is kept to a minimum for jumping but muscles and endurance are developed for skiing? The people who do this sport have to be strong, light in weight, courageous, smart and fully aware of their capabilities. It is truly a sport for only the well rounded athlete.

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